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wild ones, and
the "garden variety"


Click on the camera icons (camera) to see the photos, one by one.
SNP = Shenandoah National Park; Aug. Spr. = Augusta Springs; FCM = Frontier Culture Museum; SARS = Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad

Flower montage

camera Mimosa closeup (Aug. 1, 2011) || camera Gladiolas

camera Rhododendrons || camera Jack In The Pulpit
(SNP, June 2011)

camera Rhododendron || camera Wild orchid || camera Oswego Tea
(Cranberry Glades, WV, July 2010)

camera Cone flower (Washington, DC, June 2010)

camera Columbine (Reddish Knob, June 2010)

camera Easter lilies (June 2010)

camera Wildflower montage (Chimney Hollow, April 2010)

camera Bird-on-the-wing (Trimble Mountain, May 2009)

camera Mountain Laurel flowers (Madison Run, May 2009)

camera Dogwood flowers (April 2009)

camera Lilies (Kenilworth Gardens, DC, Sept. 2008)

camera Catalpa flowers (June 2008)

camera Phalaenopsis orchids,* purple (June 2008)

camera Gladiolas || camera Orchid (July 2007)

camera Mimosa tree (July 2007)

* The very first photo I ever took with my Nikon D-40 digital camera. Photos of which no location is given were taken in Staunton, VA.