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Oaxaca & Tule

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Rainbow Benito Juarez mural

ABOVE: This mural honoring the life of Mexico's revered statesman Benito Juarez is located in the government palace in the city of Oaxaca, the capital of his home state. The motto says, "Respect for the rights of other people is peace."

We crossed this very high bridge on the brand-new highway between Oaxaca and Orizaba near the crest of a high mountain range.

A panoramic view of Oaxaca, looking toward the east as we were arriving from Mexico City. The Santo Domingo Church (see photos below) is visible in the right center.

The city of Oaxaca is very charming, with traditional architecture and narrow streets, often paved with cobblestones. The trees in the background are in the zocalo, the central plaza where everyone hangs out.

The government palace in Oaxaca, which includes a museum full of local art. For the first two days we were there, the building was besieged by protesters holding signs indicating they were affiliated with the Communist Party.

Jacqueline on I relaxing at a nice restaurant on the zocalo in Oaxaca. I managed to retouch this photo to remove most of the flash glare; click on the image to see the original version.

The Santo Domingo Church in Oaxaca. It was very hot the day we were there, so shade and water were precious commodities.

The interior of the Santo Domingo Church is full of exquisite art, such as this gilded ceiling.

We took a day trip to the town of Teotitlan del Valle, located about fifteen miles east of Oaxaca. It is noted for its authentic Indian arts and crafts. We hiked a mile or so north of town in the blazing sun, and were surprised to see a fair number of birds, including many at this reservoir.

The famous 2,000+ year old tree in the town of Tule, located about eight miles east of Oaxaca. The park and main plaza in this tourist mecca are exquisitely landscaped.

This famous Tule tree has an enormous girth. It was at the top of this huge tree that we saw a Crested caracara, Mexico's national bird. (I took a photo of one in Costa Rica two years later.)