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Click on one of the links in the yellow-background line below to display (OR to hide) the respective menu of photos for that year, and then click on the camera icons (camera) to see the photos, one by one. (NOTE: Many of the species shown on this page have yet to be identified.)

Mushroom montage, 2010

2010: Shenandoah Mountain, June 27

camera Mushroom montage, June

camera Lactarius hygrophoroides

camera Amanita Rubescens (More to come...)

2010: Chimney Hollow, Aug. 29

camera Mushroom montage, August

camera Clavulina cristata

camera Amanita Umbonata

camera Amanita Cokeri

camera Pleurotus Ostreatus (Oyster mushroom)

camera Lycoperdon Pulcherrimum (More to come...)

2010: Chimney Hollow, Oct. 16

camera Mushroom montage, October

camera Clitocybe Nuda *

camera Hericium Erinaceus *

* Thanks to Tish Folsom for help in identification.