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variable birds

hand point down   Ducks & Geese TEST

hand point down   Shorebirds

hand point down   Raptors

hand point down   Woodpeckers, etc.

hand point down   Song birds

hand point down   Warblers

camera Magnolia Warbler (M) Oct. 2007

camera Yellow Warbler (M) May 2008

camera Common Yellowthroat (M), 8/04 ~ camera (F) 10/5/11

camera Nashville Warbler (M) 10/3/11

camera Tennessee Warbler (M) 11/4/11

camera Chestnut-sided Warbler (M) 6/9/12 ~ camera

camera American Redstart (M) 5/3/08 ~ camera (5/05)

camera American Redstart (F / imm.) (9/28/07)

camera Black & White Warbler (//08)

camera Yellow-rumped warbler (M), behind SARS (4/20/06)

camera Palm Warbler, Bell's Lane (10/23/05)

camera ()

hand point down   Misc. Neotropicals

hand point down   Sparrows

hand point down   Finches, etc.

hand point down   Other Songbirds