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News chronology

Historical news chronology

The following table lists key events (and occasional newspaper commentaries) as published in the Washington Post. As you read through the headlines, you may find yourself wondering "Haven't I read this before?" Yes, you probably have. Discussions concerning baseball in Washington do have the monotonously repetitive quality of a broken record. For five heartbreaking years, baseball officials kept pledging to give Washington serious consideration, and yet every year they kept stalling, heaping lame excuse on top of lame excuse. This chronology -- or perhaps "litany of raised hopes and crushing disillusion" -- finally came to an end when the Washington Nationals began playing ball in April 2005!

News compiled from The Washington Post (print edition)
DateHeadlineSubhead (Notes)
Apr. 4, 1999Baseball Departs District(Cardinals and Expos finish two exhibition games at RFK stadium.)
Dec. 14, 2001Baseball Has Its Eye on RFKD.C. Venue Could Be Ready for a Team for 2002 Major League Season
Jan. 17, 2002Hopes Rise for Baseball In D.C.Selig: Washington Is Prime Candidate
Feb. 27, 2002Hoping to Keep It TogetherExpos Favor Move to Washington Area Over Dispersal Draft
Mar. 18, 2002O's Still Oppose D.C. Team[Orioles vice chmn.] Foss: Region Cannot Support Two Franchises
Apr. ?, 2002Johnson, Synder Join Forces for BaseballRedskins owner [Dan Snyder], BET Founder [Robert Johnson] Want to Bring Team to D.C.
Apr. ?, 2002No Full House in This HandAvg. attendance for Montreal Expos home games in 2001 was only 8,200.
Apr. 18, 2002MLB: Area Baseball 'Inevitable'Robert DuPuy, MLB chief operating officer: "It's just a matter of when."
May 20, 2002Finalists in the BallparkVirginia, D.C. Groups Seek Stadium Design and Site
Oct. 9, 2002BET's Johnson Looks At Purchasing Expos(Robert Johnson, head of Black Entertainment Television)
Oct. ?, 2002Architects Drop Bid for N.Va. Stadium(HOK Sport, of Kansas City, withdrew, leaving HKS Inc., of Dallas)
May ?, 2002D.C. Divided On Paying For Baseball(84% polled favor baseball in D.C., but half oppose public funding.)
Sept. 29, 2002D.C. Baseball Backers Offer 5 Stadium Sites(near RFK Stadium, N & W of Union Station, Mt. Vernon Sq., & Navy Yard)
Dec. 15, 2002Expos to Move for '04 SeasonDecision on Where Team Will Play Is Expected as Early as July; MLB owners are "resolute" on relinquishing control after next season.
Dec. 22, 2002D.C.'s Share For Stadium Could Hit $300 MillionMayor Anthony Williams said D.C. govt. subsidy might reach $300 million.
Nov. 14, 2002On Deck, Heavy HittersWell-Funded D.C. Group [led by F. Malek] Eyes Baseball Team
Nov. 15, 2002Cost Estimates Jump For New D.C. Stadium(total price tag of 5 sites range from $342m to $542m)
Jan. 15, 2003Va. Deficit Sours Bid to Attract Baseball[Va. Baseball Stadium Authority] Wants Team While Awaiting Funds
Jan. 20, 2003Baseball's BountyDistrict Boosters Believe Downtown Stadium Would Outperform Suburban Site
Jan. ?, 2003Out-of-Area Bidder For Expos EmergesMark Broxmeyer, Long Island real estate developer, with ties to GOP
Jan. 28, 2003Portland Prepares A Pitch for BaseballMayor Vera Katz leads delegation; Portland pop. = 1.9m vs. 5.4m in D.C. area
Feb. 6, 2003Metrocall Directors Fire CollinsCollins Free to Pursue Baseball Team (he heads prospective N. Va. franchise)
Feb. 16, 2003Va. Looking At Four Sites For StadiumThree Are in Arlington, One Near Dulles Airport
Mar. 11, 2003D.C. Business Backs Fees for New stadiumD.C. Building Industry Assoc. endorsed Mayor Williams' fee proposal
Mar. 19, 2003Baseball Booster Favors Stadium At Pentagon CityN.Va. Makes Case Friday For Major League Team
Mar. 19, 2003Baseball Awaits Money PitchPublic Finances to Build Stadium Could Be Key to Getting Expos [* cost data]
Mar. 21, 2003District Presents Offer for Ballclub(to MLB relocation committee, in Phoenix)
Mar. 22, 2003N.Va. Claims Advantages Over D.C. For Baseball(to MLB relocation committee, in Phoenix)
Mar. 23, 2003In the Game For Baseball, With the Score UncertainOpposition by Orioles Owner Still Threatens Proposals from D.C., Northern Va. to Win Team
Mar. 27, 2003Ballpark Financing EmergesVa. Officials Propose to Raise $285 Million
Mar. 30, 2003Va. Baseball Officials Detail Stadium ProposalPlans Include Grassy Seating, Neighborhood Field
Mar. 31, 2003Baseball in D.C.: Last, Best ChanceProximity to Baltimore is Sticking Point
Apr. 9, 2003Optimism Bolsters Va. Bid for BallclubStadium financing plans assume 35,000+ per game attendance.
Apr. 11, 2003From Les Expos to Los ExposMontreal Shares Team With San Juan, but for How Long?
Apr. 12, 2003Expos Triumph in Puerto RicoFirst Game in San Juan Is a Win for Montreal
Apr. 23, 2003Home Is Where the Expos Are -- At Least for Now After several "home" games in Puerto Rico, Expos play first game in Montreal. Att.: 36, 879
Apr. ?, 2003Johnson Won't Pursue Baseball Team for D.C. BET Founder is dropping efforts to buy Expos.
May 8, 2003Williams Wants $338 Million From the City For Baseball N.Va., Oregon Bidders Offering Millions Less in Public Backing
May 11, 2003Baseball Push Goes Young, Hip VBSA has been promoting baseball at nightclubs in Arlington.
May 22, 2003Baseball Backers Say Poll Shows Support in N.Va.Two-Thirds Say They'd Go to Ballpark (poll commissioned by VBSA)
May ?, 2003Arlington Split Over Its Future Targets StadiumSharpening differences of opinion over baseball and future development
June 8, 2003Doubts on Financing Stall Baseball PlanD.C. Council, Congress Question New Taxes
June 19, 2003Ex-Redskins Join Virginia Baseball GroupArt Monk, Charles Mann join William Collins' partnership.
June 21, 2003Baseball Talks Focus on FinancingMLB officials met with Mayor Williams and N.Va. officials, still hope to relocate Expos next year, but no timetable.
June 19, 2003Ex-Redskins Join Virginia Baseball GroupArt Monk and Charles Mann joined William Collins' baseball partnership.
June 28, 2003D.C. in Running For Baseball, Despite DemandsUnnamed MLB official says MLB is still considering D.C.
July 2, 2003Baseball Meeting Suddenly PostponedMLB officials canceled meeting with D.C. Council member Jack Evans, who vows to block mayor's stadium financing plan.
July ?, 2003Williams Eases Push on Stadium FinancingMayor Awaiting Commitment From Baseball Officials
July ?, 2003Baseball Consultant Is Paid With D.C. FundsPeter Bavasi's consulting firm gets $200,000 from D.C. Sports Commission
July 10, 2003Baseball Still a Taxing Issue for Many VirginiansVBSA stadium financing plan: $8m tax on tickets + $4m tax on ballpark salaries + $4m tax on hotel rooms + $2m tax on concessions + $2m state sales tax + $1.6m rental income = $20m x 30 years = $285 bond issue (incl. est. interest cost)
July 11, 2003No Word On Expos Likely Soon MLB says Relocation Committee won't finish its work until after All Star break, its previous target decision date.
July 11, 200327 Miles To Home Plateby Joel Achenbach (Style section feature article) Washington Isn't Flocking to Orioles Games. Here's Why.
July 11, 2003Group Cites Stadium Skepticism In ArlingtonCafritz Foundation, which owns Pentagon City site, claims 64% of Arlingtonians oppose baseball stadium.
July 13, 2003Baseball's Stadium Shakedownby Ralph Nader (op-ed piece): No stadium subsidies for wealthy owners! Make MLB sell Expos at original cost of $120m.
July 15, 2003Relocation Committee Inches AlongBob DuPuy: MLB decision will come "when the moons and the sunds and the stars and the dollars are aligned correctly. We'll get there."
July 19, 2003Stadium Decision Cuts N.Va.'s Chances for TeamArlington's Withdrawal Makes Major League Baseball More Likely to Turn Toward Eager District
July 29, 2003Players' Rep Wants Input From Expos ThemselvesMLBPA official Gene Orza wants Expos players to choose where to play.
July 30, 2003Arlington Stands Firm on BallparkArl. Board Chmn. Ferguson: "our decision is final." Gov. Warner won't give up.
July 31, 2003D.C. Ponders Alternative For Financing BallparkCFO Natwar Gandhi suggests refinancing convention center, to reduce interest cost of bonds.
Aug. 2, 2003Monterrey [Mexico] Makes Bid for ExposCarlos Bremer, CEO of Value Investment Group [*]
Aug. 5, 2003Passion for Stadium Outlasts Va. RejectionGov. Mark Warner still hopes Arlington will approve stadium deal.
Aug. 11, 2003Northern Virginia baseball fans staged a protest at Arlington County government building.
Aug. 14, 2003Owners Hopeful of Progress on Expos[Meeting in Boston] Virginia Baseball Adds Partners.
Aug. 23, 2003Portland Expos Bid Thwarted by SenateOregon Senate rejected $150 million stadium bill.
Aug. 30, 2003Expos '04 Schedule Leaves Relocation 'Remote'Bob DuPuy said MLB hopes to make decision by Sept. 15; Expos Pres. Tavares visited Monterrey.
Sept. 11, 2003In Stretch, MLB Eyes Expos OptionsClub's Fate Looks Highly Uncertain
Sept. 20, 2003For Expos, Only One Place Like Home in '04MLB Players rejected playing 22 games in San Juan next year. (avg. 14,222 attendance, vs. 12,081 in Montreal)
Oct. 1, 2003Baseball Is Faced With a Borderline DecisionMexican City Appears to Be an Attractive Alternative for Expos
Nov. 21, 2003Montreal-San Juan Expos Once AgainMLB announced that the Expos will be playing 22 games in Puerto Rico again next year.
Nov. 23, 2003MLB relocation committee has turned its focus to finding a permanent home for the Expos by the 2005 season.
Jan. 16, 2004Relocation Committee Wants July DecisionMLB owners meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. Bud Selig hopes "to finalize a 2005 [Expos relocation] deal as soon as possible."
Jan. 24, 2004MLB Passed On $30M Proposal Virginia Baseball Club offer to host all or most of the Expos games in RFK Stadium next year, with no further commitment.
Feb. 6, 2004D.C. officials unveil a possible stadium site near the southwest waterfront.
Feb. 21, 2004Orioles owner Peter Angelos says the diminished "threat" of the Expos moving to Washington has enabled him to beef up his payroll.
Feb. 25, 2004D.C. officials made a revised stadium funding proposal which would enable the prospective baseball franchise owner to pay a higher franchise fee.
Mar. 21, 2004MLB Relocation Committee member John McHale doubts there will be any decision on the fate of the Montreal franchise by the All-Star break.
Apr. 14, 2004Williams To Offer City-Paid StadiumCheaper Plan ($340 - $385 million) Cuts Start-Up Costs For Team Owners.
May 7, 2004Baseball Officials 'Serious' About D.C.MLB Exec. V.P. John McHale met with Mayor Williams. Reinsdorf: Angelos's objections are NOT "an automatic disqualification."
Apr. 13, 2004D.C. Stadium Funding Tied To Commitment by MLBDeputy Mayor Eric Price: "dynamics change a lot if baseball says they're going to come to D.C."
May 7, 2004Baseball Officials 'Serious' About D.C.Williams Makes Stadium Proposal [to Relocation Cmte.]
May 19, 2004Financing May Block Baseball For DistrictMLB Relocation Committee discussed latest stadium financing offer from Mayor Williams.
May 21, 2004Selig Is Uneasy About D.C. Baseball's EffectCommissioner Worried It'll Hurt Orioles; He "does not want to repeat baseball's past mistakes" by allowing a franchise relocation that adversely affects an existing franchise. .
May 25, 2004Group Pitches Stadium Plan to Leaders in LoudounLakeside Commerce, Condos Would Adjoin Dulles Ballpark
May 27, 2004Norfolk Thinks It's Got The TicketDrive for Fans Meant To Impress MLB
May 30, 2004D.C. Proposal Would Secure Ballpark SiteLegislation Endorses L'Enfant Plaza spot [introduced by Jacks Evans]
June 2, 2004D.C. Official Backs Off On Stadium Near Mall[Jack Evans gives up on proposed bill to buy land near L'Enfant Plaza]
June 17, 2004Businesses Face Higher D.C. Taxes for StadiumDCSEC Chm. Tuohey says taxes would rise $18-$20m/yr
June 20, 2004Home Builders Craft Plan to Lue BaseballRevenue From Housing, Retail Project Would Help Fund Loudoun Stadium
June 22, 2004Baseball Backers Cite Loudoun Fan BaseWealth, Growth Would Support Team
June 24, 2004Loudoun Stadium Plan Bucks Close-In TrendAll stadiums built since 1994 have been within 2 miles of city core
June 27, 2004"The Last Cartel: How Baseball Does Business" (Washington Post series of articles by Steve Fainaru) Part I -- Selig Plays Hardball on Stadium Deals; Selig Maneuvers Outside Antitrust Constraints
June 28, 2004"The Last Cartel" Part II -- Expos For Sale: Team Becomes Pawn of Selig; Expos Have Had Two Strikes Working Against Them
June 29, 2004"The Last Cartel" Part III -- Angelos, Selig Last Men Standing in D.C.'s Way; Once Opponents, Angelos and Selig Have Become Allies
July 1, 2004Expos' Relocation Progressing SlowlySelig received update report from DuPuy
July 7, 2004Baseball Speculation Rife OnlineURLs [bought by MLB] Don't Denote a Decision on Expos
July 10, 2004Baseball Officials Visit AreaParticipants Include Key Adviser to Selig [Jerry Reinsdorf]
July 11, 2004Washington's Major League DivideCompeting Bids for Basebll Team Show Split Between City, Suburbs
July 14, 2004Montgomery Scores One for Baseball in the DistrictMontgomery Co. Council unanimous resolution supporting baseball in D.C.
July 14, 2004Expos' Future Is Rounding Into ShapeCommissioner Selig Indicates Team Could Be Relocated Before Next Season
Aug. 6, 2004MLB Officials Spend the Day in Washington
Aug. 17, 2004With a Light Touch, Heavy Hitters Pursue D.C. TeamBaseball Group Hopes Payoff Is Near After Years of Perseverance [J. Zients, F. Malek]
Aug. 18, 2004Va. Consortium's Chief Has Team-Building in His BloodFormer Ballplayer [Williams Collins] Has Worked for Years to Lure Major League Club
Aug. 19, 2004MLB Has Not Made a DecisionExpos Next Home Still Is Unknown [Relocation Cmte. mtg.]
Aug. 24, 2004MLB Group in Area Today
Aug. 25, 2004MLB Talks to Officials In D.C.Meeting Set Today With Va. Group
Aug. 26, 2004D.C. Poll, Politicians Cast Doubt On BaseballPublic Financing Plan Would Build Stadium
Aug. 27, 2004Baseball Group Reduces ScopeVa. Stadium Plan Shrinks By Half [from 450 to 220 acres; Chantilly Crushed Stone declined to sell]
Aug. 28, 2004Fans Back Pitch for Baseball, D.C. SaysCity Touts Results of Area Survey
Sept. 5, 2004Davis Is Determined Rivalry Won't Keep Baseball AwayRep. Thomas Davis (R-VA) wants D.C.-Va. cooperation.
Sept. 22, 2004D.C. Eyes Waterfront Baseball StadiumSources Say Owners Will Back Moving Expos to Washington
Sept. 23, 2004D.C. Makes Baseball Pitch to Business LeadersOwners' Panel Meets Today to Consider Moving Expos Next Year
Sept. 23, 2004The Showdown BeginsAngelos-MLB Discussions Not Progressing
Sept. 23, 2004Some in SE Say Stadium Not WelcomeShop Owners, Residents Have Concerns
Sept. 24, 2004Baseball Has D.C. In Plan For ExposBusinesses Receptive To D.C. Stadium Tax; D.C United Planning Its Own Stadium Deal
Sept. 24, 2004In Montreal, It's Few and Far BetweenExpos' Season Appears to Be Winding Down for Last Time in Quiet Olympic Stadium
Sept. 25, 2004Bidding War Likely for D.C. TeamWashington Baseball Club has spent $1 million so far, but faces competition for franchise
Sept. 26, 2004Anacostia Plan Gets Jolt ForwardStadiums [baseball and soccer] Would Energize Waterfront
Sept. 26, 2004Landowners Feel Stadium SqueezeTwenty Acres Marked for Baseball Bid Isn't the District's -- Yet ; District Can Use Eminent Domain
Sept. 26, 2004Landowners Feel Stadium SqueezeTwenty Acres Marked for Baseball Bid Isn't the District's -- Yet ; District Can Use Eminent Domain
Sept. 29, 2004Baseball, Angelos Close To DealD.C. Officials Making Plans for Announcement.
Sept. 29, 2004Baseball Has Eluded Va. Despite Tax Giveaway Plan.
Sept. 30, 2004Baseball's Coming Back to WashingtonMayor, City Officials Celebrate Decision to Move Montreal Expos to Nation's Capital; A majority of D.C. council members at ceremony.
Oct. 1, 2004MLB Deal Favorable to Orioles' AngelosGuarantees, TV Deal Sweeten Pot
Oct. 1, 2004D.C. Stadium Traffic Seen as Not All badGames Could Ease Evening Rush
Oct. 2, 2004Foes of New Stadium Want Team to Stay at RFKJack Evans accused Adrian Fenty of grandstanding
Oct. 2, 2004RFK Stadium Overhaul Needed by Opening DayAn Unbuilt Ballpark Casts Its Shadow on Southeast; owner of Follies gay night club has nowhere to go
Oct. 3, 2004Md., Va. Fans Could Make Stadium a Tax WinnerSuburban Fans Could Boost D.C. Tax Revenue
Oct. 15, 2004For Expos, Next Year Starts NowLong List of Fixes Await Stadium; The last time stands were moved for baseball, it took 2.5 weeks!
Oct. , 2004Barry's Back And Fighting Stadium Plan
Oct. 6, 2004Coalition Vows to Fight StadiumEducation, Homelessness Are More Pressing Priorities, D.C. Group Says
Oct. 11, 2004For Mayor, Baseball Rife With RiskSkeptics Point to Financing, Other Dire Needs in D.C.
Oct. 15, 2004For Expos, Next Year Starts NowAdvance Work Can't Wait Until Resolution of Stadium Deal
Oct. 20, 2004For Sale: One Baseball TeamBidders for Expos Must Submit Their Offers by Nov. 1
Oct. 20, 2004Opponents Are Pessimistic On Stopping D.C. StadiumOfficials Promote Benefits to Neighborhoods [Ed Lazere heads "No D.C. Taxes for Baseball"]
Oct. 22, 2004D.C. Seeking Bids to Prepare RFKCity Says Stadium Will Be Ready for Baseball Team's Opener in April
Oct. 28, 2004Cost Estimate on Stadium JumpsD.C. Analysis Says Price of Deal Could Rise $91 Million
Oct. 29, 2004Vocal Crowd Turns Out to Talk BaseballD.C. Hearing Draws Stadium Fans, Foes
Oct. 31, 2004No Joy in StadiumvilleAn Unbuilt Ballpark Casts Its Shadow on Southeast [Owner of Follies gay night club has nowhere to go]
Nov. 3, 2004New Stadium Bill Adds Community FundMayor Changes Plan for Business Tax; Council Panels to Vote Today
Nov. 4, 2004D.C. Council Panels Back Stadium PlanProposal Moves Ahead On 3-2 Committee Votes
Nov. 6, 2004Alternative D.C. Stadium Site ProposedCouncil Chairman's Plan to Build Near RFK Could Sink Baseball Deal, Mayor Says
Nov. 6, 2004MLB to Rename The Expos 'Soon'News on Ticket Plan Expected Monday
Nov. 6, 2004Scheduling Conflicts AddressedMLB Reduces Number of Common Home dates for Washington, Baltimore Clubs; 'Nationals' Reportedly Has Inside Track as Team Name; Scheduling Conflicts [with
Nov. 7, 2004Mayor Fights To Save Plan For Riverfront Baseball Park
Nov. 9, 2004Williams Claims Votes for StadiumCouncil Showdown Scheduled Today [Poll: 68% say baseball will be good for D.C., but 62% say stadium deal is bad.]
Nov. 10, 2004Cropp Blocks Council Vote On StadiumChairman Says She Has Private Financing Plan
Nov. 11, 2004Cropp to Back Stadium Proposal If City Looks at Private Financing
Nov. 14, 2004From Conciliation to ConfrontationCropp's Stadium Switch Designed to Build More Tolerable Deal, Backers Say
Nov. 14, 2004Stadium Analyses Put Cost Far HigherD.C. Could Pay $174 Million More
Nov. 16, 2004D.C. Council Members Reject Plan to Privately Fund StadiumMajor League Baseall Wouldn't Agree to Changes, Officials Fear
Nov. 16, 2004Ruling Clears Way For Expos' RelocationExpos minority partners lose lawsuit against Jeff Loria, MLB
Nov. 17, 2004Expos Land C. Guzman, CastillaAgreements With Two Free Agents Are Multiyear
Nov. 17, 2004Deposits on Tickets Taken a Day EarlyPre-Registered Fans Get Jump on Expos' Season Plan
Nov. 19, 2004Owners' Vote on Expos DelayedMLB: Relocation Is Not at Risk
Nov. 25, 2004Cost Cap Proposed for SE StadiumPrice Could Force Move to RFK Site
Nov. 25, 2004Nationals Have 15,000 Deposits for TicketsBudget for Players Still Unclear Despite Income
Nov. , 2004Stadium Back on Calendar For VoteCouncil Could Allow Funding Options
Nov. 23, 2004Nationals Are Reborn to a Mixed ReactionTeam logo paraphernalia goes on sale [Adam Eidinger disrupts ceremony]
Nov. 30, 2004Cropp Indicates Support As Baseball Sweetens DealCounci Will Vote on Stadium Today
Dec. 1, 2004Council Backs Waterfront StadiumPreliminary Approval Given for Mayor's Public Funding Plan to Bring Baseball to City
Dec. 3, 2004A Deal's A Deal, Selig Tells DistrictOwners Plan Vote On Move Today
Dec. 9, 2004Stadium Deal Could Profit Owner's Son As D.C. PaysMichael Reinsdorf, son of Jerry, is with Intl. Facilities Group, bidding for project
Dec. 15, 2004Baseball Debate Puts Deal In DoubtCouncil Struggles Toward Decision [ten hours of hearings]
Dec. 16, 2004Nats Are Stuck in a RundownOperations Have Ground to a Halt
Dec. 16, 2004Baseball Rejects Council's Changes in Financing Plan for D.C. StadiumCropp Vowed to Back Deal, Mayor Believed
Dec. 17, 2004Cropp Asks Baseball For Time On Stadium"Give us a few months to finalize private financing."
Dec. 18, 2004Street Parking Fees Could Alleviate Stadium FundingD.C. Considers Proposal That Would Provide Money Needed Now in Return for Firm's Profit Later
Dec. 19, 2004Owners' Vote on Expos Delayed 
Dec. 20, 2004Poll Sees Split on Stadium Funding56% Want Some Private Sources; On National TV, Williams Presses Case for Baseball
Dec. 22, 2004Nationals Slide Safely Into Home; Amended Deal on Stadium ApprovedCouncil Seals Return of Baseball to D.C.; At the End of the Day, Cropp Owns the Deal; Savings and Uncertainty in Stadium Deal
Dec. 23, 2004D.C. Stadium Deal Might Not Be DoneSlight Possbility Exists That Incoming Council Members Could Reopen Debate
Dec. 24, 2004Potential Nats Owners Are Going to BatAbout half-dozen $100K deposits from would-be buyers
Dec. 26?, 2004 Utility Tax Extension Splits Cost of BallparkFederal Buildings To Pay $6 Million
Jan. ?, 2005Stadium Financing a Done DealWilliams Signs Bill Authorizing Bonds
Jan. 10, 2005Head of Stadium Project Has His Eye on the ClockConvention Center Job Tested Deadline, Guidance Skills (Allen Lew, of D.C. Sports & Entertainment Commission)
Jan. 15, 2005 MLB Keeps Working On TV Deal for NatsNick Johnson signs one-year contract for $1.45 million
Jan. 16, 2005Work Before Play For Baseball at RFKTight Timetable Shapes Renovation (Grandstand returned to baseball position.)
Jan. 18, 2005Nats' Farm System Suffering From Drought of Ownership[New Orleans Zephyrs, Harrisburg Senators, etc. are weak]
Jan. 21, 2005RFK Still Gives Everyone a Fair ShakeSymmetrical Park Will Feature a Portable Mound, New Grass
Jan. 25, 2005Nationals' Sale Is Beginning to Pick Up SpeedTeam's financial Records are being examined by accountants.
Feb. 6, 2005D.C. Places Premium on 'Signature' Look for BallparkCreativity Stressed as Architects Vie to Win Project
Feb. 12, 2005RFK Dugouts Supersized For Today's Athletes3rd-base side (home): 63 feet; 1st-base side: 53 feet
Mar. 4, 2005D.C. Picks 3 Finalists To Design Stadium[Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum; Harwood K. Smith; Skidmore Owings & Merrill]
Mar. 12?, 2005Stadium Architects Fear More of the SameExperienced Sports Design Firm Considered a Known Entity by MLB, Others
Mar. 15, 2005D.C. Clears 2 Financing Proposals For Stadium[Natwar Gandhi considers offers from Deutsche Bank and Gates Group.]
Mar. 15, 2005District Skeptical On Financing DealsCity to Look for Savings on Stadium
Mar. 19, 2005A Field Grows in WashingtonNew Sod Transforms the Old Stadium for Nationals' Arrival
Mar. 26, 2005RFK Sponsorship to Aid KidsEthel Kennedy Backs Plan to Sell Stadium Naming Rights
Mar. 29, 2005Slow Start for RFK Naming RightsDeadline Passes, but 3 to 5 Offers Still Expected
Mar. 31, 2005Stadium Price Up, But Under D.C. Cap[Est. total cost: $581.2m, $4m under cap]; Architect Picked for SE Project [Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum]
Apr. 1, 2005Architects Promise Visionary D.C. BallparkHOK Sport Considers Such Encompassing Themes as 'Transparency of Democracy' for Design
Apr. 3, 2005Washington Springs Forward to Baseball(first appearance at RFK by Nats, who lose to Mets in exhibition game)
Apr. 5, 2005At Long Last, Nats LoseWashington loses at Philadelphia on Opening Day, 8-4
Apr. 7, 2005Nats Ride Wilkerson's Cycle to First WinWashington 7, Philadelphia 3
Apr. 7, 2005D.C. Council Challenges Stadium Land EstimateNatwar Gandhi said the 14 acres would cost $77.1 million; 63 lots, 33 owners.
Apr. 9, 2005United Finds a Mound of Difference at Home[First major league soccer game in RFK Stadium since renovation; turf is uneven.]
Apr. 13, 2005Catching a Presidential PitchBush to Continue Tradition of chief Executive Throwing Out First Ball at Opener
Apr. 14, 2005The Old Ballgame in a New CityNationals' Opener Highlights Region's Transformation Over 34 Years
Apr. 15, 2005 Baseball Capital; A Triumphant ReturnCity Celbrates Hometown Heroes In a New Beginning; Nats Win Historic Home Opener (vs. Arizona, 5-3)
Apr. 22, 2005Comcast Sues Orioles Over Television RightsExec. V.P. David Cohen challenges "Angelos Tax" of $2-3/month
Apr. 24, 2005Resident Near Stadium Offer Tips, Voice FearD.C. Demonstrators Seek Direct Input
Apr. 29, 2005For Many Area Fans, Nationals Are Out of SightLack of cable TV contracts limits potential TV viewership outside Washington.
May 2, 2005For Nats, What Counts Is Turnstiles Tavares Is 'Very Pleased' With Nats' Attendance (avg. 30,951 in April, 13th in MLB)
May 3, 2005Williams' Stadium Bill Lacks DetailsPrivate Money, Tax On Business in Flux
May 6, 2005Baseball Official Reiterates Investment VowWard 7 Tour Highlights Recreation Needs
May 7, 2005Hearings Set On Funding For StadiumCouncil Takes Over Task To Get Private Backing
May 26, 2005[Colin] Powell Joins Group Bidding on Nationals
May 31, 2005Now Up for Bids, the Nationals: Let's Begin at $300 Million[MLB formally considers bids from nine would-be owners, who are profiled.]
June 1, 2005Local Bid For Nationals Under New Leadership[Albert Lord, of Sallie Mae, replaces William Collins as head of American Baseball Capital.]
June 2, 2005Soros Joins Ledecky's Bid For Nationals[Hungarian-born global financier George Soros is worth $7.2 billion.]
June 10, 2005Stadium Financing Bid Fails to Gain ApprovalD.C. Official Reaffirms Skepticism on Plan
June 10, 2005An Erosion of Orioles' TurfSome Fans in Md. Make Nationals Their Home Team
June 13, 2005Beguiled by the Boys of SummerThe Nationals, Improbably in 1st Place, Inspire Lovefest at RFK
June 21, 2005Nationals Expected To Turn $20M ProfitWindfall Is Likely To Raise Sale Price; Expos lost $10M last year
June 22, 2005D.C. Council Approves Stadium Labor PactD.C. Residents Assurd Jobs, Backers Say
June 28, 2005Nats Caught in a TV RundownRights to Air Games At Center of Dispute; legal dispute between Orioles' MASN and Comcast
June 30, 2005Nationals No-Shows Could Cost D.C. in TaxesAverage of 32,019 tickets were sold in first 33 games, but the average actual attendance was only 24,679.
July 5, 2005A Torrid RomanceAt RFK and All Over Town, Fans Are Falling Head Over Heels for the Nationals
July 22, 2005In Outfield, Gaps of PerceptionRFK Stadium's Dimensions Are a Matter of Dispute
Aug. 8, 2005D.C. Ballpark Architect Has Towering TestJoseph Spear, of HOK firm, has led design of Camden Yards, Jacobs Field, etc.
Aug. 13, 2005Race for Ownership Of Nationals Isn't Open to EveryoneApproved Team Buyers Likely To Have League Connections
Aug. 25, 2005Stadium Estimates Still in the BallparkSewer Savings Offset Higher Land Costs
Aug. 27, 2005As Angry Nats Fans Organize, Anti-Cable Agenda SuspectedAnti-Angelos Web site is very slick; linked to DirecTV?
Sept. 19, 2005As Stadium Clock Ticks, D.C. Officials Bicker(Jack Evans wants view of Capitol dome.)
Sept. 25, 2005Battle Brewing for Stadium TractsOwners Get Lawyers And Get Ready to Contest City's Offers
Oct. 15, 2005Council to Revisit Stadium FinancingAction Could Reopen Debate on D.C. Site
Oct. 9, 2005D.C. Short on Baseball RevenueNationals' Profits Beat Expectations Despite No-Shows (hence low parking, tax revenue)
Oct. 20, 2005Cropp Stands by Anacostia Stadium Site as Council Debate on Financing Looms
Oct. 22, 2005Stadium Property Owners BallkingOnly One Agrees to Sell Land to D.C.
Nov. 2, 2005Stadium Cutbacks ConsideredFancy features may be sacrificed to save $.
Nov. 10, 2005Selig: No Date For Nats OwnerRobinson Upset By Uncertainty
Nov. 12, 2005Baseball Opposes Stadium Rent DealSnag Delays Ballpark Lease, Team Sale
Nov. 18, 2005Stadium's Modern Design Pleases Most D.C. Officials
Nov. 21, 2005D.C. Ballpark's Rising Price Tag Compels CutsCity to Seek Help Paying for Infrastructure
Nov. 26, 2005New Hurdle For Stadium Lease DealMajoity of Council Insisting on a Vote
Nov. 29, 2005D.C., MLB Stadium Talks StruggleArbitration Warned if No Lease Deal by January
Dec. 2, 2005Council Still Pushing RFK SiteExecutive Says Baseball Has Not Dismissed Alternative Stadium Location
Dec. 4?, 2005Baseball Opposes Moving StadiumWilliams Defends Costs Before Council
Dec. 5, 2005Ballpark 'Hurdles' Are Cleared, Cropp SaysLease Still Requires D.C. Council Approval
Dec. 6, 2005Baseball Stadium Cost Could Exceed $700 Million
Dec. 7, 2005Williams Dismisses $700 Million Stadium Estimate
Dec. 10, 2005Accord Reached On New StadiumSecond Agreement Requires Nationals To Stay for 30 Years
Dec. 13, 2005Stadium Price Tag Rises by MillionsRFK Site Cheaper But Problematic, Finance Chief Says
Dec. 15, 2005Williams, MLB Turn Up heat On Council's Stadium FoesFour likely "YES," four likely "NO," five uncertain.
Dec. 18, 2005Beyond Washington, Most Teams Cover Stadium OverrunsDistrict Agreed to Pay Costs Exceeding Ballpark Budget
Dec. 20, 2005Council Vote on Stadium DelayedMayor Buys Time As Support Falters
Dec. 21, 2005Barry Moved to Block StadiumEx-Mayor Says He Had Been Negotiating Deal
Dec. 23 , 2005Nats Bidders Told Not to Offer FundsBaseball Tries to Thwart Private Deals
Dec. 24, 2005Leadership Void Keeps Stadium Deal Up in the Air(rivalry between Mayor Williams, Linda Cropp, and Marion Barry)
Jan. 4, 2005Baseball to Seek Arbitration Over D.C. Stadium
Jan. 12, 2005Cropp Proposes 'Compromise' on D.C. StadiumCouncil Chairman Tells Mayor in Letter That Plan Would Ensure Enough Votes for Lease Deal
Jan. 21, 2006Stadium Design Retooled to Cut CostsChanges Part of Push To Win Lease Approval
Jan. 24, 2006D.C. Asks Court to Let City Push Owners From Stadium SiteOccupants would have to vacate by Feb. 7.
Feb. 2, 2006Private Stadium Funding CanceledNatwar Gandhi says $5 million fee would gain nothing; Embarrassment for Cropp.
Feb. 7, 2006D.C. Council Insists on Own Stadium Cost CapLinda Cropp will introduce emergency legislation today.
Feb. 8, 2006Council Forges Deal on StadiumLate Vote Reverses Initial Rejection, Adds Spending Cap
Feb. 11, 2006Stadium Cost Cap Concerns MLBDeal 'Seriously Disrupted,' Says Letter to City
Mar. 6, 2006MLB Officials Sign Lease for D.C. StadiumCity's Conditions on Capping Costs Met
Mar. 8, 2006At Long Last, A D.C. Stadium DealCouncil Approves Construction Contract; Reaffirms Public Spending Cap
Mar. 15, 2006Lots of Glass, Capital ViewsDesign of New Stadiium for Washington Nationals Reflects Elements of Convention Center and Monumnets In Departuree From Red-Brick Retro Ballparks
May 4, 2006After 17 Months, Baseball Introduces Nats' OwnersLerner Group Stresses Farm System, Stadium
May 5, 2006Stadium Dig Begins, but Design Still Up in the Air.
......and they played happily ever after....
Bold face entries denote front-page Section A news stories.

SOURCE: Washington Post; also see the Post's special D.C. Baseball page

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