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What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.
~ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

In the table below, the classification of accepted names, "bogus" names, and "suspect" names is of course judgmental. As long as a given stadium name has been used since the first year that a baseball team played there, it is not considered "bogus" or "suspect." Further explanation is given at the bottom of this page.

Stadium name Named after When Payment Team Previous name Subsequent name
3-Com StadiumCorporate sponsor 1995-2001 ???San Francisco Giants Candlestick ParkMonster Park (2004-2008)
Ameriquest Field in ArlingtonCorporate sponsor 2004-2006 $75 million, 10 yearsTexas Rangers The Ballpark in Arlington Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
Anaheim Stadium City1966-1996  L.A. / Cal. / Anaheim Angels  Edison International Field
Angel Stadium (of Anaheim)Team (& City)2004-  L.A. Angels of Anaheim Edison International Field 
Arlington Stadium City 1965-1993  Texas Rangers   
AstrodomeTeam 1966-1999  Houston Astros Harris County Domed Stadium  
Atlanta (-Fulton County) StadiumCity1975-1996 Atlanta BravesAtlanta Stadium  
AT&T Park Corporate sponsor * (2006-)  San Francisco GiantsSBC Park 
Baker BowlTeam owner: William Baker1913-1938 Philadelphia PhilliesNational League Park 
Ballpark in Arlington City1994-2003 Texas Rangers   Ameriquest Field in Arlington
Bank One BallparkCorporate sponsor 1998-2005$100 (or $66?) million, 30 yearsArizona Diamondbacks  Chase Field
BeehiveTeam1936-1941 Boston Bees (Braves) Braves FieldBraves Field
Braves FieldTeam1915-1935, 1942-1952  Boston Braves Beehive
Briggs StadiumTeam 1938-1960 Detroit Tigers Navin FieldTiger Stadium
Brush StadiumTeam owner: John T. Brush 1911 New York Giants  Polo Grounds
Busch Stadium I Corporate owner1954-1966 St. Louis CardinalsSportsman's Park 
Busch Stadium II Corporate owner1966-2005 St. Louis Cardinals  
Busch Stadium III Previous stadium
(no corporate sponsor?)
2006- St. Louis Cardinals  
Candlestick Park Location 1960-1994, 2009-  San Francisco Giants  3-Com Stadium
Chase FieldCorporate sponsor (buyout)2005-$100 million, 30 yearsArizona Diamondbacks Bank One Ballpark.
Cinergy FieldCorporate sponsor 1997-2002 ???Cincinnati RedsRiverfront Stadium  
Citi FieldCorporate sponsor 2009- $400 million, 20 yearsNew York Mets   
Citizens Bank ParkCorporate sponsor 2004- $95 million, 25 yearsPhiladelphia Phillies   
Cleveland (Municipal) Stadium City 1930s-1993  Cleveland Indians Lakefront Stadium 
Colt Stadium Team 1962-1964  Houston Colt 45s   
Comerica ParkCorporate sponsor 1999- $66 million, 30 years Detroit Tigers  
Comiskey Park ITeam owner: Charles Comiskey 1910-1989  Chicago White Sox White Sox Park
(early 1970s)
Comiskey Park IIThe old stadium 1990-2002  Chicago White Sox U.S. Cellular Field
Connie Mack StadiumTeam owner: Cornelius MacGillacuddy 1953-1970  Philadelphia PhilliesShibe Park 
Coors FieldCorporate sponsor / co-owner1995-$15 million, indefinite periodColorado Rockies  
Crosley FieldTeam owner: Powell Crosley 1934-1970 Cincinnati RedsRedland Field 
Cubs ParkTeam1916-1925  Chicago CubsWeeghman ParkWrigley Field
District of Columbia (D.C.) Stadiumcity (district)1961-1968 Washington Senators RFK (Robert F. Kennedy Memorial) Stadium
Dodger StadiumTeam1962- Los Angeles Dodgers  
Dolphin(s) Stadium(football) Team 2005-2008 Florida MarlinsPro Player Stadium Land Shark Stadium
Dunn ParkTeam owner: James Dunn1916-1927  Cleveland Indians League Park League Park
Ebbets FieldTeam owner: Charlie Ebbets 1913-1957  Brooklyn Dodgers   
Edison International FieldCorporate sponsor 1997-2003 $50 million, 30 years**Anaheim AngelsAnaheim StadiumAngel Stadium of Anaheim
Enron FieldCorporate sponsor 2000-2001 $100 million+, 30 years**Houston Astros** Astros paid $2 million to cancel.Minute Maid Park
Exhibition Stadium  1959-1989  Toronto Blue Jays   
Fenway Park Location 1965-1993  Boston Red Sox  
Forbes FieldGen. John Forbes (1710-1759) 1909-1970  Pittsburgh Pirates   
Globe Life Park in Arlington Corporate sponsor 2014-2023  Texas Rangers Rangers Park in Arlington  
Griffith StadiumTeam owner: Clark Griffith 1920-1961  Washington Senators League Park 
Great American BallparkCorporate sponsor 2003- $75 millionCincinnati Reds  
(Hubert H. Humphrey) MetrodomeU.S. senator, vice president 1982-  Minnesota Twins Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome (Oct. 2009-)
Jack Murphy StadiumSports writer / promoter 1981-1996  San Diego PadresSan Diego StadiumQualCommm Stadium
Jacobs FieldTeam owner: Eli Jacobs 1994-2007 Cleveland Indians Progressive Field
Jarry Park 1969- Montreal Expos   
Kauffman StadiumTeam owner: Ewing Kauffman 1994-  Kansas City RoyalsRoyals Stadium 
Kingdome(King) County1977-1999  Seattle Mariners   
Land Shark StadiumBeer brand2009 Florida Marlins Dolphin StadiumSun Life Stadium
Lakefront StadiumLocation 1930s Cleveland Indians  Cleveland (Municipal) Stadium
League ParkLeague1910-1915, 1928-1946  Cleveland IndiansDunn Park (1916-1927)  
League ParkLeague 1911-1919  Washington Senators   Griffith Stadium
McAfee Coliseum *Corporate sponsor (2005-2008)  Oakland AthleticsNetwork Associates ColiseumOakland (-Alameda County) Coliseum
(Los Angeles) Memorial ColiseumHonoring veterans 1965-1993  Los Angeles Dodgers  
Memorial StadiumVeterans' memorial 1950-1991  Baltimore Orioles  
Metropolitan Stadium  1961-1981  Minnesota Twins  
Mile High Stadium Altitude 1968-1993  Colorado RockiesBears Stadium 
Miller ParkCorporate sponsor2001-2020$40 millionMilwaukee Brewers  
(Milwaukee) County Stadium County 1953-2000  Milwaukee Brewers  
Minute Maid ParkCorporate sponsor 2002- $170m, 28 yearsHouston AstrosEnron Field  
Municipal Stadium  1955-1972  Kansas City Athletics & Royals  
National League Park League 1895-1912  Philadelphia Phillies Baker Bowl
Nationals ParkTeam2008-  Washington Nationals  up for grabs
Navin Field Team 1912-1937  Detroit Tigers  Briggs Stadium
Network Associates ColiseumCorporate sponsor 1998-2004$13.2m, 10 yearsOakland AthleticsOakland (-Alameda County) ColiseumMcAfee Coliseum *
Oakland (-Alameda County) Coliseum City 1966-1996, 2008-2010  Oakland Athletics Network Associates Coliseum, etc.
Olympic Stadium 1976- Montreal Expos   
Oriole Park at Camden YardsTeam, location 1992-  Baltimore Orioles Coliseum Corporate sponsor 2011- $7.2m, 6 yearsOakland AthleticsOakland (-Alameda County) 
QualComm StadiumCorporate sponsor 1997- ??? San Diego PadresJack Murphy Stadium 
Pac (Pacific) Bell ParkCorporate sponsor *2000-2003 $50m, 24 yearsSan Francisco Giants SBC Park
PETCO ParkCorporate sponsor 2004- $?, 22 years San Diego Padres  
PNC ParkCorporate sponsor 2001- ???Pittsburgh Pirates  
Polo GroundsPrior stadium 1911-1963  New York Giants, Yankees, MetsBrush Stadium (1911) 
Progressive Field Corporate sponsor 2008- $58 millionCleveland IndiansJacobs Field 
Pro Player (Park) StadiumCorporate sponsor 1996-2004 ???Florida MarlinsJoe Robbie StadiumDolphins Stadium
Rangers Ballpark in ArlingtonTeam 2007-2013 Texas Rangers Ameriquest Field in Arlington Globe Life Park in Arlington
Redland Field Team 1912-1933  Cincinnati Reds  Crosley Field
Riverfront Stadium Location 1970-1996  Cincinnati Reds Cinergy Field
RFK (Robert F. Kennedy Memorial) StadiumU.S. Senator1969-  Washington Senators & Nationals D.C. Stadium 
Rogers Centre Corporate owner 2005-  Toronto Blue Jays Skydome 
Safeco FieldCorporate sponsor 1999- ??? Seattle Mariners  
San Diego Stadium City 1967-1980  San Diego Padres  Jack Murphy Stadium
SBC ParkCorporate sponsor * (2004-2005)  San Francisco GiantsPac Bell Park 
Seals Stadium Minor league team 1931-1959  San Francisco Giants   
Shea StadiumPromoter William Shea 1964-2008 New York Mets  
Shibe Park Team owner: Benjamin Shibe 1909-1952  Philadelphia Athletics & Phillies  Connie Mack Stadium
Sick's Stadium Minor league team owner1938-1969  Seattle Pilots   
Skydome  1989-2004 Toronto Blue Jays  Rogers Centre
Sportsman's Park 1910-1952 St. Louis Browns & Cardinals  Busch Stadium I
Sun Life Stadium Finance 2010$37.5 million, 5 yearsFlorida Marlins Land Shark Stadium.
Target FieldCorporate sponsor2010- $125 million, 25 years Minnesota Twins  
Three Rivers Stadium Location 1970-2000  Pittsburgh Pirates   
Tiger Stadium Team 1960-1999  Detroit Tigers Briggs Stadium  
Tropicana Field Corporate sponsor 1998- ??? Tampa Bay Devil Rays Florida Suncoast Dome 
Turner Field Team owner: Ted Turner 1997-  Atlanta Braves Olympic Stadium (1976)  
U.S. Cellular Field Corporate sponsor 2003- $68 million Chicago White Sox Comiskey Park II 
Veterans Stadium Veterans' memorial 1971-2003  Philadelphia Phillies   
White Sox Park Teamearly 1970s  Chicago White Sox Comiskey Park I
Wrigley Field Team owner: William Wrigley 1926-  Chicago CubsCubs Park 
Wrigley Field (L.A.) Team owner: William Wrigley 1925-1961  Los Angeles Angels   
Yankee Stadium (I)Team 1923-2008  New York Yankees   
Yankee Stadium (II)Team 2009-  New York Yankees   
KEY:."bogus" name:
shady sponsor, or used one year or less
"suspect" name:
grudgingly accepted, or used only for a few years

NOTE: Stadium names are listed in the left-hand column only if they were used when a major league team played there. Minor variations are shown in parentheses, not listed separatedly.
* (asterisk): Corporation name change, via buyout; same sponsoring entity.

SOURCES: Lowry (2006), Ritter (1992), newspapers,, etc.


Name origin Early 20th century Modern 20th century Doughnut clones Neo- classical TOTAL
Corporate sponsor 0 3 4 11 18
Team owner 10 1 2 3 17
City / county 0 3 7 1 11
Team 4 3 2 2 11
Other individuals 1 1 3 0 5
Location 1 0 2 1 5
Veterans' memorial 0 1 1 0 3
Previous stadium 1 1 1 0 3
Miscellaneous 2 3 1 0 8
TOTAL 19 16 22 18 80

NOTES: Subtotals may not add up to the totals because some stadiums do not fit any of the categories shown above. (Subject to revision.)

Background explanation

Nearly all new stadiums nowadays are named after whatever corporation bids the highest price for the naming rights, whether or not there is a strong connection to the city. It wasn't always that way, however, and in fact, it was not until the 1990s that baseball stadium naming rights became a routine practice. Information on this page is subject to revision, just as the stadium names themselves are!

The adjacent summary table gives us a clearer picture of long-term trends in stadium naming. The categories in it correspond to those in the Stadiums by class page; they are for the most part chronologically ordered. In terms of corporate name sponsorship, the leading business sector has been Financial services (with 7 named stadiums), followed by Computer / telecommunications (3), Energy / electric utilities (3), and Citrus juice (2). Busch Stadium was the first stadium named after a corporation, but Anheuser-Busch was a tightly controlled family enterprise. (Since it owned the team, it is not considered a "corporate sponsor.") Of the 68 Major League baseball stadiums covered in this Web site (including the three now under construction), 38 retained the same name throughout their MLB lifetime.

A couple years ago the Washington Post cited a study conducted by financial adviser Geoffrey Hargadon of the 45 publicly traded companies that have paid to have their names attached to baseball and football stadiums, as well as sporting arenas used for basketball and hockey. For example, Enron, MCI, and Adelphia (all bankrupt), plus 3Com and QualComm. If you were to have invested your portfolio in that group of companies five years ago, you would have lost an average of 11 percent per year, compared to the Standard and Poor Index of 500 companies, which gained an average of 1/2 percent per year during that period. Real smart!

(First posted: June, 2003)

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