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War montage

hand point down   Rockets, etc.

camera Delta, Titan II, Atlas rockets (Cape Canaveral, Nov. 1982)

camera Launch Pad 39 (Cape Canaveral, Nov. 1982)

hand point down   Astronomy (Moon, planets, etc.)

camera 08/20/05 ~ camera ? 2013 ~ camera 11/13/16 : Full moon

camera Moon waxing ~ camera Moon, Jupiter (01/21/13)

camera Eclipse, "Blood Moon" (10/09/14)

camera 02/14/13 ~ camera 02/17/13 ~ camera 03/09/13: Jupiter & its moons

camera New crescent moon, passing jet (12/01/16)

hand point down   Electronics

camera iMac Flower Power, Mac Plus, PowerBook 150 (2010)

camera Toshiba pocket stereo (1981 model; photo in 2007)

hand point down   Misc.

camera Nuclear power plant, E. of Toledo, Ohio (3 Aug 2009)