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SunTrust Park

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Turner Field

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Vital statistics:
Lifetime Seating capacity Seating rows
Overhang / shade % Territory
(1,000 sq. ft.)
Fence height  CF
orien- tation
Back-stop Outfield dimensions The Clem Criteria:
Built Status Lower deck Mezz. Upper deck Lower deck Upper deck Fair Foul LF CF RF Left
Left-center Center field Right-center Right field Field
asym- metry
prox- imity
Loc- ation Aesth- etics Over- all
2017 NEW ? - ? ? ? ?% ?% ? ? 6 8 16 ? ? 335 385 400 375 325 ? ? ? ? ? ?

SunTrust Park Turner Field,

thumbnail The playing field is about 25 feet below ground level, like most other newer ballparks. As for the field dimensions, Turner Field is rather ordinary, and in fact differs relatively little from its symmetrical circular predecessor, Turner Field.

In December 2015 it was announced that, after the Braves leave, Turner Field will be converted into a football stadium, to be the new home of Georgia State University. Details about the future configuration are not yet known; the above football diagram is merely a hypothesis.


FAN TIP: Alex Peneton, Mike Zurawski

SunTrust Park grand view

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NO PHOTOS YET. Meanwhile, here is the former home of the Braves:

SunTrust Park:
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  SunTrust Park
30 Apr 2017

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