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Past stadiums:

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Misc. stadiums

+ : Photograph(s) included. camera
-- : Photograph only of the site after the stadium was demolished. camera
* (asterisk): Recent stadium name change.
Current use or status for past stadiums: (FB) = football, (S) = soccer, (T) = tennis, (L) = Limbo, (MD) = mostly demolished; otherwise entirely demolished.
All miscellaneous stadiums are currently used for baseball except (FB) = football, (D) = demolished.

Stadiums listed by city

Major leagues:
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Minor leagues, etc.

NOTE: For teams that do not associate with a specific city, the respective state or region is shown in parentheses.
* (asterisk): recent stadium name change
# : Stadium located outside the city limits.

This navigational page includes lists of all baseball stadium pages on this Web site, organized in two ways: alphabetically by stadium name and status (the current name for current stadiums, and the common names for past stadiums) and alphabetically by city. Click on the yellow-background link below to switch from one list to the other. Miniature (thumbnail) previews of the stadium diagrams appear when you roll the mouse over the stadium names.

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