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Ebbets Field "Where do baseball stadiums go when they die, Daddy?" Not to get too theological or maudlin about this, but it is hard for any true baseball fan to avoid shedding a tear when he or she sees a former "Green Cathedral" rusting away out of neglect and indifference. For purposes of these Web pages, I define "stadium limbo" as that bleak phase between functional demise (when the team abandons it) and structural obliteration (when it is finally torn down). If demolition begins within a year of abandonment, or if another baseball team takes up residence there later on, there is no "limbo." Only genuine baseball stadiums are included on this page, and stadiums that are still in use as the home field of a pro football team are excluded. Stadiums currently used by sports with much smaller attendance (tennis, soccer) are considered "in limbo." The names commonly used during the time of "limbo" are used.

Stadium name Former home team Years in Limbo Uses during Limbo Present site occupant
Baker Bowl Philadelphia Phillies 1939-1950 Circuses, auto races School bus repair facility
League Park Cleveland Indians 1947-1951 . Park; office building serves as community center.
Braves Field Boston Braves 1953-1955 . Portion remains as Boston University's "Nickerson Field."
Ebbets Field Brooklyn Dodgers 1958-1960 . apartment complex
Griffith Stadium Washington Senators 1962-1965 . Howard University Hospital
(L.A.) Wrigley Field Los Angeles Angels 1962-1966 . public park and community center
Crosley Field Cincinnati Reds 1971-1972 car impoundment lot commercial buildings
Connie Mack Stadium Philadelphia Phillies 1971-1976 (ex-Shibe Park) church
(K.C.) Municipal Stadium Kansas City Royals 1973-1976 . vacant until 2000s; now new houses
Colt Stadium Houston Colt 45s 1965-1971 . parking lot for NRG Stadium / Astrodome
Sick's Stadium Seattle Pilots 1970-1979 . Lowe's Home Improvement warehouse
Metropolitan Stadium Minnesota Twins 1982-1985 . Mall of the Americas
Jarry Park Montreal Expos 1977-1995 tennis "Reborn" (rebuilt) as a tennis stadium in 1996.
Exhibition Stadium Toronto Blue Jays 1990-1999 . exhibition / fairground complex
Memorial Stadium Baltimore Orioles 1992-2001 * * football (1994-1997) retirement community
Tiger Stadium Detroit Tigers 2000-2008 movie filmed: "61" vacant lot, maintained as a ball field by volunteers
Astrodome Houston Astros 2000- Hurricane Katrina refugees, monster truck shows intact
Olympic Stadium Montreal Expos 2005- occasional football intact
Yankee Stadium New York Yankees 2009 movie filmed there (?) parking garage for NYS; soccer field / track
QualComm Stadium San Diego Padres 2017- San Diego State University football intact
Turner Field Atlanta Braves 2017- Georgia State University football intact
RFK Stadium Washington Nationals 2008- D.C. United soccer team. intact

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* First posted: Sept. 20, 2006

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