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Photo gallery montage
Clockwise from top left: J (Jacqueline) & I at Machu Picchu, Peru in 2003; J & I atop Humpback Rocks in 2010; Connie, Dad, & I at Coors Field in 2009; J & I at Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton in 2002; J & I in Costa Rica in 2005; Dad & I at The Bluffs Country Club in Vermillion, SD in 2004 (double eagle!); me at Kauffman Stadium in 2011; and in the center, J & I in a hot air balloon near Woodstock, VA in 2008.

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hand point down Peru (Feb. 20 - 28)

hand point down Colombia (Mar. 1 - 4)

hand point down Florida (Mar. 5 - 8)

hand point down Virginia (year-round)

hand point down Midwest (July 26 - August 6)

hand point down Westbound on AMTRAK (July 26 - 27)

hand point down Kansas City (July 27 - 31)

camera Union Station (July 27) camera (July 28) camera camera (July 29)

camera camera camera camera Missouri River, downtown, etc. (July 28)

camera camera camera Westport neighborhood (July 28)

camera camera camera camera camera World War I Museum (July 29)

camera camera Downtown camera camera Federal Reserve ( " )

camera Monarch Plaza camera Lincoln College ( " )

camera camera Shawnee Indian Mission camera Tunnel (July 30)

camera Kemper Arena

camera camera camera camera West Bottoms warehouses, etc. ( " )

camera camera camera camera camera Historical monuments, cathedrals ( " )

camera camera camera camera ( ! ) camera camera K.C. neighborhoods ( " )

camera Metcalf Mall demolition (July 31)

Shawnee Indian Mission monument; the main building is in back. Located in Kansas, close to the Missouri state line, the mission "was established as a manual training school attended by boys and girls from Shawnee, Delaware, and other Indian nations from 1839 to 1862." (

The West Building of the Shawnee Indian Mission, across the street from the monument. Large gardens and walking trails are maintained on the adjacent plot of land.

Turkey Creek Diversion Tunnel, built in 1919 to prevent flooding in the West Bottoms. It cuts through a large hill and empties into the Kansas River. I-35 was later built over the east entrance, shown here.

Kemper Arena, home of the former Kansas City Kings (NBA), 1972-1985. (They moved to Sacramento.) A newer sports arena (the Sprint Center) was built downtown in 2007, but Kansas City still lacks either an NBA or NHL team.

James Pendergast was the big "Boss" of Democratic Party politics in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. His political machine later gave rise to Harry S Truman, who became U.S. President in 1945.

The Chouteau Society seeks to preserve the French heritage of Kansas City with historical markers, etc. Behind the sign is a local homeless man.

Corps of Discovery statue, in Terrace Park northwest of downtown.
It pays tribute to the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804-1806, which passed through what is now Kansas City along the Missouri River to the northwest.

Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (Catholic),
on the west side of downtown.

Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal),
in the Arts District south of downtown.

Monarch Plaza features a historical marker displaying famous Kansas City baseball and football players of the years when Municipal Stadium stood on this site.

Lincoln College is a prep school serving urban youth, located on the west side of Monarch Plaza. It was formerly a high school, and can be seen in old photos of Municipal Stadium.

The Gem Theater, in the historic (African American) 18th and Vine part of Kansas City. Other attractions nearby include Arthur Bryant's barbecue restaurant and the Negro Baseball Hall of Fame.

This graffitti-adorned "castle" once housed a major water works facility south of the 18th and Vine district.

Knuckleheads bar, a funky, rambling outdoor venue for blues, rock, and country music. It's located about two miles northeast of downtown Kansas City. The overpass in back is I-29 / I-35.

Mural honoring blues, rock, and country music legends of the past, across the street from Knuckleheads bar. (Click the "!" link to see a larger image.)

The "Little Italy" neighborhood near downtown Kansas City,
on the northeast side.

Two-story houses with balconies supported by brick columns are an architectural hallmark of working-class Kansas City.

hand point down Trenton, MO (music festival, July 29)

hand point down South Dakota (Aug. 1 - 3)

hand point down Minnesota, Wisconsin (Aug. 4)

hand point down Chicago (Aug. 5)

hand point down Indianapolis (Aug. 6)

hand point down Tennessee (eclipse! - Aug. 20-21)

camera camera camera Tennessee welcome center, Bristol (Aug. 20) camera

camera Knoxville skyline, Gay St. Bridge ( ! ) ~ camera (Aug. 21)

camera Church St. UMC ~ camera First Baptist Church

camera St. John's Cathedral - Episcopal

camera camera Tenn. Supreme Court / Knoxville Post Ofc.

camera camera camera camera (1982) Worlds Fair Park & Sunsphere

camera camera camera Univ. of Tennessee; Law School (Knoxville)

camera ( ! ) Neyland Stadium from east, Knoxville

camera camera Traffic on I-40 before & after eclipse

camera camera camera Solar eclipse parking signs, Sweetwater, TN

camera camera camera ( ! ) camera camera camera camera camera camera Sun, partial eclipse

camera Sun, total eclipse camera (camera) camera (+ Mercury) camera (+ Venus)

camera camera camera Sweetwater Flea Market during eclipse


camera Peru: Ventanilla lagoon (& birds). (Feb. 20)

camera Ventanilla, from top of ridge. (Feb. 21)

camera Chorrillos coastal cliffside garden. (Feb. 23)

camera Pantanos de Villa sea lagoon (& birds). (Feb. 27)

camera Lima: Palacio del Gobierno (Feb. 28)

camera Lima: Plaza de Armas (Feb. 28)

camera Peru: Lima / Callao from air camera closeup (Mar. 1)

camera Colombia: Antioquia countryside from air (Mar. 1)

camera camera Medellin from Cerro Nutibara (Mar. 4)

camera Bancolombia, Medellin River, Industriales Metro (Mar. 4)

camera Everglades Nat. Park: Flamingo (Mar. 6)

camera Miami River, city skyline (Mar. 6)

camera Loft Mountain Overlook, Shen. Nat. Park (June 11)

camera Chicago Union Station (July 26)

camera Cincinnati: Ohio River, Great Amer. Ballpark (Aug. 5)

camera American Hotel, Staunton AMTRAK station (July 26)

camera camera Neyland Stadium, U. of Tenn., Knoxville (Aug. 21)